Alcohol Gel Fireplace

If you don’t have a fireplace built in your home – but have always wanted one during the winter months or romantic evenings than you should consider alcohol gel fireplaces. These fireplaces are built to be used inside homes and can be moved anywhere in the home and in any type of home, apartment, or trailer.

The installation is easy and hassle free because there is nothing that you have to hook up and no messy clean up after you have used it. With a normal fireplace you can only use it in the room that it is built in and you have to make sure that the fireplace itself as well as the chimney it is connected to stay clean and clear. This can cost people hundreds of dollars every year to do.

With alcohol get fireplaces all you need is the special firewood and gel fuel to get a roaring fire that will be sure to set any mood. They clean easily and they can be moved anywhere in your home. One day you could put it in your living room and the other day you could move it to your bedroom.

There are many different styles that these fireplaces come in and many different shapes. You can have one that is contemporary or modern and can be placed in the middle of your living room in place of your coffee table or mounted on the wall. Most people are fooled by the look of alcohol gel fireplaces because they look and feel just like a normal one.

Alcohol gel fireplaces use special gel fuel that is smoke free and environmentally friendly. It uses IPA alcohol that is gelled and stored into a canister. Each canister of gel fuel will create a clean fire that will burn for three hours. It looks, feels, and sounds like a normal fire and is easy to put out if you have to go somewhere. All you need to do is place the cap back on the canister and save it for a later time.