Gel Fireplace Logs

Having a gel fireplace is a great addition to any home that has only one or no traditional fireplaces. They are built in a way that makes for any easy installation and are easier to take care of than a traditional fireplace. In fact consumers agree that gel fireplaces are more convenient than traditional ones.

They can be moved to any room in your house without having to unplug anything and they can also be moved from each home or apartment that you live in. To light them all you need to do is purchase a gel fuel canister. Each canister is smoke free and will burn for up to three hours.

Just because these fireplaces are different than others in the way that they work does not mean that we want them to look different when in our homes. Consumers what a gel fireplace to have the look and feel of a traditional fireplace. That is why they are offered in both modern and contemporary styles and come with very real looking gel fireplace logs.

Using a gel fireplace with just a canister in the middle of a roaring fire would look tacky and unnatural. So to give it the feel of a real fireplace you can purchase specially made gel fireplace logs that will hide the canister. These logs are friendly to the environment and are easy to use.

You can purchase them in sets and in different types of ‘wood’. They will fit into any gel fireplace that you use and will give you the look of real flames without all of the hassle of a traditional fireplace. When you purchase a set of gel fireplace logs they will usually come with six cement logs that look very realistic, a metal grate, a pan that can hold three cans of gel fuel at one given time, and lava rock that gives the look of real ‘burning embers’.